„…up one minute, down the next and often between…“

Often people reduce my person to this description.

But there is more:

Hmmm … there is much more…

  • I like to play with words.
  • I have a big weakness for books.
  • One of my big passions is to creat great things from a simple yarnthread.
  • I love my husband so much.
  • And I love my mummy very much.
  • I love all kind of flowers.
  • My cam, my laptop and my handy help me to hold on those beauties.
  • I think cows are so cute.
  • Every day is a new present for me.
  • I love those little and especially moments in life.
  • I’m fascinated by profound thoughts.
  • I’m curious about new knowledge.
  • And … I’m a passionate student in this universe.


What am I doing here?

Writing – writing – writing … about all things my bipolar soul is concerned.


And … here I am:


Maybe you are really interested in my person and my life? – Then … have a look at my postings. And if you want to know more – leave a message to maria.fasching@chello.at.

Updated on June 18th, 2017.


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