Declaration of Love

At one evening my husband and I sat in our bed in front of the TV and spoke about the death. We asked each other, what has to be done, if we die.

I said, that I don’t want to molder deep in the earth and that I want to be burned. My husband wanted the same. He told me then, that it is possible to convert ash into a diamond. This is what he would do with my ash, if he had enough money.

I found this a good idea, and told him to do the same with his ash. Then I would hang this diamond on a necklace. So he would stay with me forever. I asked then, what he would do with me as a diamond.

He said:
I would stick you on the TV-remote control, because this is the one thing which is after you the most important thing in my life. And so I could touch and feel you every day.

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