Bipolar loves Borderline and vice versa – In the morning – Text #2

It is dark outside and it is quiet. A bright moonlight is above the small village near the beach. A gentle breeze moves a few leaves on the orange tree … silently. A small lizard running along the terrace, onto the house wall and quickly it flits up to the balcony to the first floor. An insect screen stops it, so it cannot reach the interior of the bedroom. Silently it climbs further up under the wooden roof.

Slowly the darkness on the horizon is vanishing. The morning awakes. It’s 5.30 o’clock a.m.

From the distance, a faint noise is audible. First light rays reach the interior. She lies in the arms of her husband. Equally audible breathing of the two breaks the silence.liebespaar He wakes up. He doesn’t make any movement because doesn‘t want to wake up her. She is still sleeping. He wants not to disturb her. This beautiful feeling to be not alone he wants not to stop. He is very thankful for his wife.

Now her eyes move under the lids. She is opening her eyes and she notes that he observes her. A warm feeling passes through her body and she is happy to have found such a husband. Slowly she turns her head to his face. He gentley smiles. She feels to be welcome and to be loved.

In a low whisper she says: „Good morning my love.“ He, with a deep voice full of calm: „Good morning sweetheart.“ Her green eyes encounter his blue eyes. Warmness meets warmness. For seconds they change heartfelt feeling. He: „Did you sleep well?“ She: „Yes, I did. And you?“ He: „Yes I did too.“ Quietly his hand strokes her cheek. He: „I’m so proud that I found you!“ A deep feeling of love flows through their bodies.

Their lips are touching…

© Maria Fasching

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