Moments #1 – My Mummy And Her Garden

Last night wie talked for a long time, my mummy and I. She has made me a goodnight coffee. Then we remembered the last day.

Then I told her, that she had changed herself a bit during the last two years. She said: „I have not changed – my body has changed. At the moment I get tired more quickly and I need more sleep.“

If mom laughs, then her eyes laughing with. They collapse to small slits and the laugh lines in the corners of her eyes look like small fans. She is happy here in Turkey. Despite big problems she has not lost her ability to be happy although that would sometimes almost happened.

In the morning, she needs her rest. She passes through the garden and looks for something which has maybe changed during the night. Every little growth she notices. And there are little guests in her garden – the little bird-family. They’ve made a little nest in the treetops oft the peach tree. Cheerful tweeting comes to her ears. „Good morning!“ she calls them.

She thinks of her eight children she has brought up. What she has done in her early years of great strength, she would not reach today – eight different and very strong personalities. Sometimes it has already cracked vigorously. Eight children have been a great crowd.

Her „love couple“ in the upper garden, the apricot and the peach, have become very strong in recent years. At first there was a great distance between them. This distance has been bridged now. Then they have grown together, more and more every day. They were just in love in the beginning. This is quite different now. Today they have a strong grown love with strong roots. So it is with moms love for Baba. Also mum and he have developed over the years toward each other. Sometimes subtly, then again with giant steps.

He is her true love and she is his true love. If one of both is hurt, the other can not be happy, on the contrary. Both are very very sad and at the same time angry when one oft hem suffers.

Just as the pair of doves, which comes to the bird bath every day. Both look after each other and watch themselves. If they come, they at first sit down high up on the cable mast. They explore whether the air is clear. Then with a flourish, they end up on the pool deck oft he bird bath. Carefully looking around they drink quickly from the water. Sometimes one of them dabbles in the wet before departure. Then it squirts when they take off.

In the garden mum looks on. The Begonville is already grown twenty centimeters. Next morning she will cut the Begonville a little and then she will fix the longer shoots on the ground – these flowers grow almost two meters each year. dsc_0557The lovely little leaves surround the fine inner flower. A delicate translucent purple brings out the delicacy of the crop. But this is a strong plant. Like the personality of mum – strong and vigorous, and if you look closely, she is a delicate compassionate human being who tries to help every people who need this.

She discovers a grass moth in the lawn. On closer examination oft he grass she realizes that these pests have settled again. Tiny little green worms feast with their ravenous mouths to the even smaller grass plants. Even before these plants can develop, it is already out and they end up in the stomach of the worms. Thus, the green can not develop naturally. She has to protect these small plants she thinks. Tonight I will have to use my poison spray again.

When visitors arrive, often dropped the remark that one comes here in a beautiful European garden.

Mommy loves her plants and small animals in the garden. She looks on to the little rose bushes. The last summer was too hot for them. Now, because the temperatures are cooler, they can rest and unfold again. The bright green oft he leaves leached gives way to a juicy dark color. A drop of dew has held in one of the red flowers.dsc_0353 She quickly brings her camera and captures this natural wonder.

Look! She discovered her favorite guest at the end of the terrace railing. A praying mantis. She proudly sits there, ist triangular head same inclined upwards, almost motionless – only the sensor tremble as if moved by wind. She exudes a grandeur. And right below there is a small lizard winds in thick bushes on the ground.

Near the window a cactus tries to develop ist one-day bloom fully. Almost visible the flower bud rotates towards the rising sun. A brilliant orange with a brick-washy red returns the sun rays and is reflected in the window. Almost like a young girl noticing her own beauty in the mirror. Mum feels transported back to her childhood. Even then she could appreciate such beauty and she has preserved this ability. Soon she hat almost lost this ability but with a primal force she has changed her mind. Nobody can take this ability.

Now mum is hungry – she goes into the kitchen and prepares her morning coffee together with breakfast. Now she would not be talkative. She enjoys the peace and her thoughts waking on slowly with the rising sun. She enjoys the peace that prevails here. After many turbulent years silence comes in. Andi t is good for her.

© Maria Fasching

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