Moments #2 – A Cow On The Beach In Ören

dsc_0591Pffft tsch tsch … Pffft tsch tsch … the wind flushes the sea water on the pebble beach … pffft tsch tsch … a murmur comes from the right side to my ear – two chairs away a couple talk to each other. The sunbeam bite into my skin. So strong is the sun still on the seventh of October, while it is rainy and cold in our home in Vienna and the people there already need scarf and gloves.

We, mom, her friend and I arrived half an hour ago in Ören here in Turkey and … mum has promised not too much … the beach here is beautiful.

 The towering mountains reflect their green in the water.

Two chairs on my left a young girl just leaves the beach. It is 13.15 o’clock. Mum is next to me, holding her nap. I can not sleep. Too many thoughts are in my head. There have been too much impressions in the last few days. If you consider that I have struggled throughout last year almost only with my illness so I did’nt came to think, I now feel suddenly no more ill and I feel like in paradise.

dsc_0598On the horizon hilltop near hilltop. A warm, moist breeze blows around my nose.

Suddenly a bee flys around my toes. I move my toes and hunt her away so. She looks for a next victim – she flies to mum – I hunt her away there too. She flies further to mums girl friend who is still sleeping. I hear me crying, „Dikkat et, bir inek geliyor!“ – Mum can hardly keep from laughing.

The girl friend is laughing too. What have I said? Mum translated me what I’ve said: „You’ve just said, that a cow will come!“ Haha – now I started to laugh. I thought that bee translated in Turkish would have mean „sinek“. I’ve forgotten the ‚s‘ at the beginning of the word, and let a cow flying…  Haha…

© Text and Image Maria Fasching

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