Anxious hours…

She is sitting in her bed. The bedroom is half-lighted. In front of her the open computer on a little bedtable. Light only comes from the three screens in the room, from her computer, from his iPad and from the TV. Two faces with glasses are reflecting the diffuse light oft the screens.

She sees herself in the mirror, while she is writing word on word in her computer highily concentrated. He is informing himself on his iPad about fishing.

A dog barks out of the TV letting her look up. She feels disturbed by the film that is currently running. The name of the film is „Crime Scene“. She has already seen this film. But she doesn’t want to disturb the daily routine. This routine contains an evening-fullfilling film beginning at a quarter past eight p.m.

Sparse light of the evening-dusk is coming in through the window. Only slightly audible birds are twittering outside. Her partner next to her groans. A hard migraine has taken possession of his head once more. He puts away his iPad. Then he takes his neck-pillow and puts it over his eyes on his head. Then he falls asleep.

She sets the TV-volume to low, because she don’t want to disturb his sleep. Far away she is hearing the siren of an ambulance. The strong heat makes many people sick, she thinks.

Now she is alone in her world of thoughts. Only little noise surrounds her, only the cooling fan for the computer is audible.

She thinks oft he dreadful past hours of the last day. He suddenly got strong pain. What that could mean, both oft them are knowing immediately. The sword of cancer is hanging over their idyll daily. When this sword strikes, it could go quickly. He jokes despite his pain: „When…, then I am no longer alive in three months.“

This joke hurts her hard, but she doesn’t show him her feelings. Only the eyes of both speaking the truth. This all frightens them very much.

On the next day, all-clear! After a careful and thorough investigation the urologist diagnosed a severe inflammation. He didn’t find any cancer.

Both breathe deeply in and out. Then they look into the eyes of each other full of love and relief. They smile at each other, knowing there is more time left for their togetherness.


© Maria Fasching

2 thoughts on “Anxious hours…

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry for you! Wow 48 years is a long time. But this time would be very short if there is love in a relationship. I’m feeling with you. Thank you for stopping by at my blog. Kindest regards from Maria

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